Why climate?

Mass action to address climate change is being limited by what we have been told is possible.

Over the next decade, we must embrace new ways of thinking, doing, and living. Everyone has a role to play in building a future that is more sustainable and more just.

At Today + After, we use design to reimagine what is possible, communicate what can be, and move audiences to action.


  • Research
  • Strategy
  • Brand design
  • Messaging
  • Print
  • Web design
  • Campaigns
  • Packaging


Start-ups that innovate with sustainability in mind

Businesses that participate in the circular economy

Institutions that research or address climate change

Campaigns that help people imagine new ways of living and being

Have something else in mind? We’d love to hear about it.


We are committed to making our work as sustainable as possible by:

  • Prioritizing climate justice, including equity and accessibility considerations, from beginning to end
  • Reducing energy consumption on web projects by sourcing services powered by renewable energy and designing with sustainability in mind
  • Eliminating waste by using 100% compostable materials for print projects
  • Participating in the circular economy by using materials that are compostable, reusable, or refillable for packaging projects
  • Sustainably sourcing necessary materials, such as vegetable inks, recycled paper, and clean energy powered web hosting


Today + After happily lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Co-founders Jessica Brown and Franco Maria Castillo bring 15 years combined experience in branding and strategy to the studio, with a particular focus on leveraging design to work towards a more equitable world.

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